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Why Did I Become a Sex & Intimacy Coach?

In my early 20's I found myself in a graduate program in psychology. From my very first day in class, I wondered if talk therapy could truly capture what I wanted to achieve with people. After spending two years conducting therapy within the program, I left with a master's degree in psychology and the knowledge that I wanted to work with a more “hands on” approach. My love for psychology remained; I just needed to find a way to use it that matched how I wanted to work with people.   

I began my career working as a behavior specialist where I worked with children in the classroom to help them develop socially acceptable ways of being with others and helping them regulate and understand their emotions. I then spent 10 years working with adults as a conservator managing their everyday lives while working part-time as a sexual health consultant. Working with people to unearth and de-shame their true sexual selves became the light of my life and continues to be the most fascinating and challenging thing I have ever done. 

As a trained Somatica coach, I’m able to combine my experience as a consultant with experiential therapeutic tools to help others maximize their ability to stay emotionally and erotically connected to their partners and themselves.


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